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Tips to Balance Working & Kids Activities


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Juggling a full time job and taking care of your kids can be tough. When you’re a parent who is caught up in work, you might eventually start to fill guilty of not spending enough time with your kids. The real obstacle is getting time to help your kids with their school activites. With a dedicated plan however, you can get organized and establish a balance that will help you find time for your children and even help them out with their school work. The following are some of the things you can apply to make sure your maximizing the time you have with your kids.

Stop filling guilty

Instead of filling guilty about the way you don’t have time to spend with your children, appreciate the role that your job plays in providing for the kids. Think of how the job is helping you pay for your child’s school fee in that prestigious school. Think of how you are able to love your kids with good gifts as a result of the job you have. If you look around you, you will realize that the job you have is already contributing to the healthy school life of your child.

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You have probably even set up a savings account for your child’s college fee. Such achievements will help you to stop filling guilty and help you find other solutions. Filling guilty can lead to depression and anxiety. Find a person you could talk to about the problem you are facing. If your partner can help, both of you can work together to solve the problem.

Get organized and create a calendar

Plan your family’s priorities in an orderly manner. You can include your kid’s homework time, a list of school and family events and even a due date for paying bills. This priority list will act as a reminder of what needs to be done. A Google calendar can also be a wonderful tool to use for this purpose. The advantage of a Google calendar is that you can share it with all the family members so that everyone is aware of the family calendar. It is recommended to set aside 15 to 20 minutes every Sunday to review the priority list and prepare for the next week. By reviewing and preparation your family calendar will be up to date and it will also accommodate all relevant activities.

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Talk to your boss

This is usually the tough part but before you go ahead with it make sure that you have a detailed plan documenting your request for flexibility. Talking to your employer to allow you time to be part of your child’s school life is a big step. But you can minimize the risk by researching and finding out whether your colleagues also have flexible agreements with the employer. If there are other employees at your place of work with a flexible agreement, you can take advantage of this and ask for a similar agreement. While talking to your employer be prepared to offer alternative solutions to the problem. Keep in mind that there are different types of employers and that they should be treated differently.

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Stay focused on your kids

Whenever you are out of town for work or other duties, make sure you stay connected to you children so as to help them out with their school activities. Make sure there is a smooth channel of communication between you and your kids. By doing this, your kids will be able to share with you the problems they encounter in school. To be a better parent to your kids you need to be as smart as your kids. Take the time to learn and playing with them. Be disciplined and eliminate time wasters from your daily schedule. This exercise will free time on your schedule to spend with your kids.