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Texans’ Acquisitions Set Tone for 2016



Texans 2The Texans look like they mean business in 2016. Of course, it looked that way last year after they signed DT Vince Wilfork, making their front seven even more impressive; but, we all saw how that ended. Despite the season’s dismal ending, there were several bright spots toward the end of the season that gave reason for hope, even before the signings of QB Brock Osweiler, RB Lamar Miller, OL Jeff Allen. Now, there’s plenty of reason to think big.

First of all, Osweiler did not look like a superhero last year, but he was definitely more than adequate in temporarily filling the shoes of Peyton Manning, and that’s more than most rookie quarterbacks could say. Moreover, he’ll be throwing the ball to DeAndre Hopkins, who could very well be the best receiver in the league next year. So, at least on paper, the quarterback issue looks to be in hand.

Next, Lamar Miller. After an excellent 2014 campaign, in which he rushed for 1,099 yards and averaged over five yards a pop, Miller started off slow in 2015. Finishing with only 872 yards rushing, he still had 4.5 yards per carry under an offensive coordinator who did not feed him the ball more than 12-18 times per contest. In short, expect a big year out of him.

Lastly, there is Jeff Allen who, despite being on a bottom tier offensive line in Kansas City, was an absolute run blocking machine. Heading into his age 26 season, Houston should get at least three prime years out of him.

The Texans filled three of their biggest holes. With a couple of solid draft picks, they could be favorites to win it in 2016.