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Is Premium Pet Food Worth the Extra Money?


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The pet food business has grown into a $20 billion per year industry. This growth has been a result of the fact that most pet owners have opted for more holistic meals for their pets than traditional ones. But despite this boom in the industry, there has been a long-standing debate over whether premium or natural pet food is worth the cost compared to the lesser expensive brands. Some feel it is just too expensive while others feel organic food is healthy for their pets if it is healthy for humans.

MaxMeat_Dog_Bowl_SmallEvery individual has to decide whether purchasing premium pet food for his or her pet is worth the money. They have to decide whether it is a good option with regard to their pet’s health. However, after compiling our findings discovered from going through several debates, articles and studies on the topic, we came up with the following conclusions to help you make a decision on the issue.

  • Before you buy, talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s needs. For example, if your pet is overweight, a vet may insist you use low calorie formula designed to shed pounds. If your pet is relatively young, a standard adult type may be best. A vet will give your pet an examination to determine what your pets’ real needs are.
  • Regardless of the pet food you choose to use (whether it is premium or standard) should be nutritionally balanced. Veterinarians say it has to have a label with a statement of nutritional adequacy. This label shows that it meets the AAFCO guidelines (Association of American Feed Control Officials). You can take comfort in knowing how companies strive for quality and even do their own research in support of the benefits of additions like omega-3 fatty acids or glucosamine.
  • Just as it is with human food, the first five ingredients that are listed on the food’s label tells you a lot about the product’s nutritional value.
  • Pets prefer consistency with their food, so for those who want to save money, vets suggest that you choose either an expensive brand or less costly brand and stick with it.
  • Some premium pet food brands may not always come with a more balanced nutritional composition, and may not be immune to contamination.
  • Some consumer’s report that even though premium pet food prices are a bit high, purchasing it is worth every penny.
  • Quite a large number of people feel strongly about their pet’s nutritional needs and believe that if they eat natural food so should their pets.

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Bottom Line:

The fact still remains that these products are not really as expensive as most people may think. They are not expensive to make. However, not all brands of premium pet food may be right for your specific pet. They may contain ingredients that your dog or cat is allergic to. Since pets (whether dog or cat) can only eat the food that you provide them, it would be an excellent idea to make sure their meals are at least as good as yours.