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March Madness ’16: Bracket Busters


March Madness

The 2016 NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament has had plenty of story book finishes and insane comebacks. But, it wouldn’t be March Madness without a couple of land mines…thanks, Michigan State. Here are the biggest bracket busters of the tournament, thus far:

#5 Seton Hall: Many, including myself, had Seton Hall chalked up as their dark horse. They looked very strong after beating #2 Xavier earlier in the season, and then defeating them again in the Big East Championship game. The dark horse fell out of the hunt early, as they dropped the opening game to Gonzaga by a 16 point deficit.

#4 Purdue: Purdue was a favorite to make the Elite Eight, but they were also upset in the opener, by Arkansas Little Rock. Not the worst of the surprises, but definitely upsetting for most.

#3 Baylor: Again, Baylor looked out of sorts when it mattered most. After years of being stuck in the NIT, Baylor got another shot, and blew it. The ivy leaguers from Yale came out hot and survived by the skin of their teeth.

#2 Texas: This might have been the worst upset, if the game hadn’t been decided by a half court buzzer beater. Nonetheless, Texas took Northern Iowa for granted; when you let a decent team hang around for 39 minutes and 59 seconds, they’ll bite you in the end.

#1 Michigan State: By far, the most unexpected outcome of the tournament, Michigan State was stunned by Middle Tennessee State. When taking account for the fact that the Spartans had probably never seen, heard, or thought of any player out of Middle Tennessee, it’s a little easier to understand the surprise, but it’s no excuse for losing to a team that was well overmatched.