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You Just Got Engaged: Step 1 – Choosing the Venue


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Remember looking for an apartment and having to compromise because you were on a budget? Well, a wedding is one of a couple’s most self-centered moments; working hand in hand like two villains walking around giving orders. Today, the market is choke full of specialists offering their services in planning weddings, each promising to deliver your dream wedding. However, to almost be guaranteed a decent ceremony, the venue carries so many brownie points. These tips may help you life hack the perfect venue.

  1. Numbers

Numbers determine where you choose to tie the knot. It is advised to have a rough estimate of the guests you intend to invite. Having a figure to work with makes the narrowing down on locations it easier. Declaring that number might also come in handy as some places give offers depending on the number of expected guests.

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  1. Theme

The theme of your wedding is a vital background character that sets the mood from the shadows. It acts more as a backbone of everything else that comes after. The theme should be decided upon when you have had that conversation with your fiancé. Conflicting themes may cause a party feeling like they were left out.

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  1. Budget

Depending on the size and theme of your wedding, there is always a chance to strike a good deal with the companies offering venues. If you’re planning on going the whole 9 yards and make it a wedding weekend, vacation homes are a great deal. There’s plenty of space to carve out the ideal setup and party later.


  1. Dates

Weddings are a big deal. You’d be surprised to find out the hot locations are booked almost a year and a half in advance. Once you have looked at various locations, you can cross check all the desirable qualities so you can settle on a great place. Once the necessary papers have been signed, booking dates can be confirmed so you can work with or around the date.

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  1. Open Mind

It is common for a couple to settle on a location so as to jump over yet another hurdle on that wedding preparation track. However, you may want to maintain some patience and look at more venue before you decide. Always get all the information you think is important when you visit sites. Most of these sites will have websites with a gallery of their areas but visiting with a photographer, or the planner is a good idea when you need to get a closer look.

There are also factors like emergency weather change plan, time extensions and exceptions, and a change in guests that need to be looked out just as keenly.