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Getting Kids Back to School on a Budget


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Parents and kids usually have mixed fillings at that time of the year when schools have to be opened. Some kids will frown upon the idea of going back to school while others will be excited to reunite with friends. Parents on the other hand are left to deal with back to school budgets among other things. Some parents can’t wait for this time of the year to come as they finally get to have time to themselves. To have a smooth sail through the school year your kid will need enough shopping and as much as it gets exciting, sometimes it can get a little hard. In this article we look at five tips that can help you as a parent navigate through the hardship.

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Have a plan

Before you set out to begin the back to school shopping spree, have a well thought out plan. When buying school appliances consult your child’s teacher and know what is needed. If a general shopping list is not provided, take the time to talk to your child and know what he or she needs to survive through the year. The other alternative is that you can go ahead and develop your own shopping list. The danger of not having a shopping list is that you get the temptation to overspend. You might also risk buying irrelevant items when shopping without a plan.

Plan ahead

A good plan can last you the entire year. Instead of buying goods that will only last for a couple of months, plan ahead and stock up on the items that need to be in the shopping list. Planning ahead will also help you take advantage of the offers that are usually common during this time of the year.

Buy second hand goods

As much as it is exciting for kids to get new and shinny items in their back to school shopping, It is usually an adult parent’s nightmare to pay for those items. However, simple stationary equipment can be bought at a second hand price and end up saving you some money. This strategy can really work for college students who often have to use their own text books and class tools.

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Use homemade items

Before you go to spend on getting new items for your child, search through your home to see if there is anything worth recycling. You might find some unused notebooks and pens that can help you cut on your budget.

Cost share

If you are friends with the parents of your kid’s friend you can agree to cost share on items that can be shared between the two kids. This can be a preferable option compared to buying multiple items that won’t be used as frequently. Cost sharing is a money saving strategy for college kids who are going to share certain items with their roommates.