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Looking For a Pet – Adoption is a Great Choice



Looking for a furry companion? Check out your local Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. Most have an over abundance of dogs and cats available for adoption, and the small adoption fee includes spay/neuter and all vaccinations.  When you adopt a dog or cat from a shelter, instead of a pet store or backyard breeder, it improves the pet overpopulation problem. There are plenty of animals to choose from at most shelters. They come in every age, shape, size, coat color and breed mix and don’t be surprised if you see some pure breeds as well. An adopted pet can enrich your life in so many ways.

The unconditional love and loyalty of a dog or cat can lift depression, ease loneliness, lower blood pressure, and give you a reason to get up in the morning. A kitty asleep in your lap feels so comforting, or a dog that loves to walk or run outdoors can be just the incentive you need to start exercising regularly.