Fit on a Budget



Being fit is about willpower. You don’t need a fancy workout program, or $50/month gym membership, or a metric ton in expensive weights; all that is required is a goal and the will to achieve it.

Staying in shape, or getting in shape, is predicated on a change in lifestyle. Things we put in our bodies on a daily basis that can be cut out must cut out. Soft drinks, beer, fast food, dessert. All of those things are seldom, if ever, essential to get through the day. In a fix, a quick burger and a soda won’t kill you, but an overhaul in diet is necessary for quicker results.

Try water or iced tea instead of soft drinks; have a glass of vodka or whiskey instead of two or three beers; pack a sandwich rather than stopping at a drive-thru. Simple changes like this go a long way in shaping your body.

As far as exercise goes, a little goes a long way–don’t overthink or overdo it. Simply doing a couple sets of pushups, abdominal exercises, and rudimentary dumbbell workouts, along with diet, will sure up your upper body/abs over time (depending on metabolism, frequency, etc.).

Cardio is the most intimidating facet of exercise for most, but it’s not as bad as most make it out to be. When you are starting out, jog/walk at intervals of two minutes to one for two miles, and your body will start to catch up after a week or so. You can also ride a bike for a couple miles, or workout on a stair climber. Whatever your method, starting out is the worst part, it only gets easier. And, who knows, you might actually like it.

You don’t have to be a body builder or run a triathlon; small changes in diet and exercise will lead to huge changes in you.