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Diamonds in the Rough FM Radio



These days, it is difficult to find music that strays from the beaten path. FM radio is what it is; they play the songs that will reach the broadest demographic to attract a greater volume of listeners. The end result is a lot of mundane music that does not offer anything but what is at the surface. Country has repeated the same four chords since the turn of the century; rappers have recycled the same lyrics since Lil Wayne fell off; and rock is just flat out confused. Everyone has an opinion on music, and they are entitled to that. I’m just saying, even the most naive of music fans would not think to call this the golden age of radio. That being said, there is plenty of music from multiple genres that is worth listening to. Here are a few artists that might catch your ear:

#1 Shakey Graves: A one man act from Austin, Texas, Shakey Graves is a breath of fresh air for the folk/Americana genre. His influences range from Johnny Cash to Mumford & Sons, with a dash of raw Texas blues. Showcasing an innate sense of off-beat, finger-picked rhythms, and raspy, bare bone vocals, Shakey Graves’ will surely liven up your playlist.

#2 The Avener: Hailing from France, the Avener is a little known deep house artist. He has a talent for integrating several genres of music into one that is all his own. For the most part, The Avener’s music incorporates slick guitar licks over a steady electric bass beat and sampled vocals from various singers. On his lone album, The Wanderings of the Avener, you’ll hear anything from The Black Keys to blues legend, Buddy Guy.

#3 Fink: Fink, like Shakey Graves, is a one man show, but he comes from a much different musical background. From the early 90’s through the turn of the century, Fink DJ’d and dabbled in electronic music. Now, he makes his living as an acoustic guitarist, singer, songwriter. He has a very unique rhythmic style, which compliments his eery voice and honest lyrics.