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Axl Rose to Fill In for Brian Johnson of AC/DC



AC/DC has had two very memorable singers (Bon Scott, ’74-’80 and Brian Johnson, ’80-Present) grace the front of their stage in their five decade career. Now, a third? Enter, Axl Rose (Lead singer of Guns N’ Roses).

Brian Johnson has suffered from severe hearing loss and has been warned by doctors that further touring could result in permanent damage. As of now, the word is that Brian Johnson will take a reprieve for the remainder of AC/DC’s current tour (10 remaining shows), and Axl Rose will fill in.

Axl is an excellent choice: he has a wide range, and resembles Johnson in that they are both known for their high-pitched squeals and raspy voices. But, most will be curious to see Axl actually hold up his end of the deal. He already has the dilemma with the Guns N’ Roses reunion and whether or not that is actually going to happen. This just seems a bit much for one man’s plate.

Regardless, nobody would love to see Axl front AC/DC (or any band for that matter) more than me. Seems like a match made in heaven. Hopefully it plays out that way.