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5 Tips to Remember When Choosing a Wedding Dress


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Tying the knot with someone you intend on growing old with has probably featured in one of your long-term or defining moments thought trains. In your mind, you have visualized your wedding day down to the most diminutive detail.

Leading the pack on the list of things that have to be perfect is a 50/50 tussle between the perfect cake and the perfect dress. A wedding dress is one detail in weddings that defines a crucial time frozen away in photographs that will be passed down generations. While the result is so satisfying, the build up to getting the right wedding dress can be hands down draining.

These five tips could come in handy during that search.

  1. Earlier is better

There are so many things to be considered while making dress selections. If you get just the right shade of white, you have to get it fitted perfectly. If you find a design you like, you have to find the right dressmaker. The key to keeping yourself from ill-timed nasty surprises is to start the whole process early to give all the associated parties ample time to do what they do best.

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  1. Dress for your body type

From the moment you say I do, and the photographer captures that moment in memory, your dress will have a place in memory. The right fit is what draws the line between a timeless look and a cringe every time you look at yourself in it. Most fitters and dressmakers won’t have a problem with you trying on as many dresses as you like.

  1. Dress for your budget

Your wedding will go down as a key moment in your life. The last thing you want is to be left with a hole in your bank account for a day’s events. There are great bargains from stores that offer discounts on rent or lower prices on 2nd hand dresses that need alterations.

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  1. Flexibility

You may have some very particular tastes in the overall look and feel of your dress. However, during fittings, it is not uncommon to come across another equally impressive dress. Instead of being extremely transfixed on your initial idea, being open to new concepts could be beneficial in the end.


  1. Time goals

In fashion, most of us get carried away be trends. That dress may be the hottest thing of the summer, but it is safer to go for a more timeless look. Timeless clothing stands the test of time and looks just as good years on.