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5 Fad Diets That Failed Miserably


Fad diets, much like weeds, are sprouting up everywhere and making it very difficult for decent people to figure out what it is they are supposed to be eating for better health. The stories are all the same, “This food will help you melt the fat away”, or “following this diet plan is the only way to save yourself from impending obesity”.
But, fad diets are actually very dangerous and the weight loss they can induce is not part of a sustainable plan to better health. Following are some of the unbelievably bad ideas we have seen come from the fad diet industry. Not only are some of these unhealthy, but many highly impractical.

1. The Raw Food Diet

Food that has not been cooked or processed keeps its nutrient array intact, any nutritionist could tell you this. As a matter of fact, the more raw veggies and fruits in your diet the better. But, to totally give up cooking and preparing foods is not only impractical, it’s unnatural. Like it or not, we have evolved into cooked food eating creatures and many of the vitamins we need are released in the cooking process, the smell of food cooking is good for preparing the body for food. Harmful bacteria is also killed in the cooking process.