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4 Foods And Drinks That Can Destroy Your Teeth


4.Heavy Starches

How many times have you eaten potato chips and in the aftermath, you have food particles stuck to your gums and teeth? That is easily remedied with a quick brush or mouthwash, but the fact of the matter is that the starches from potato chips actually turn to sugars and do damage to your teeth. You may think you have cleared them all out, but they will feed bacteria and help facilitate plaque buildup.

Just like citrus fruits can be an issue, so can dried fruits. You also need to watch the types of breads you eat. You have good alternatives in terms of bread, so don’t opt for simple white bread. Cut the sodas as well, and when you plan to chew gum, opt for sugar free gum. Now you know the 8 foods and drinks that can destroy your teeth. Yes it is so very important to practice good dental hygiene, but you want to be helping your cause when it comes to your daily dietary habits as well.