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4 Foods And Drinks That Can Destroy Your Teeth


You know that good dental health is tied to overall health, and you know that dental hygiene practices are important. You can brush three times a day and floss twice after every meal and still your teeth will suffer the consequences of a bad diet. That’s why as you put good dental habits into practice, it is important to pay attention to your diet as well. That includes both what you eat and what you drink. Here are 8 foods and beverages that can destroy your teeth.


Let’s start with candy. Candy in general, and in all of its forms, can harm your teeth in many ways. You always hear about candy causing cavities. That’s just the beginning. Sour candies specifically contains additional acids that wreak havoc on your teeth. If you want to eat candy, it’s better to eat a piece of chocolate or some other type of candy that contains less acids and washes away quickly. Especially dark cacao chocolate that is a good option and better for you in terms of both health consequences and benefits.