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4 Celebrities That Support Donald Trump


Following the exits of John Kasich and Ted Cruz, the presumptive nominee in the Republican certainly is Donald Trump. With his straight-to-the-point manner and sometimes strong words in many occasions, more people and even celebrities are evidently giving their supports for the business mogul’s presidential campaign. Here are at least five big names in the entertainment world who endorse Donald Trump.

1.Kid Rock


In an interview with Rolling Stones, Kid Rock said that he’s digging Trump. Without hesitation, the five-time Grammy Award nominee also added many strong words to his statement, “Let the business guy run it like a business. And his campaign has been entertaining.”

When asked whether or not Donald Trump would eventually get the nomination, Kid Rock once again suggested, “Let the business guy in there. It’s not really working too well running it not like a business. I mean, what business survives when they’re broke?