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10 Proteins That Kickstart Fat Loss


At some point, it was thought that the best way to burn fat and stay healthy was to spend acres of time at the gym pumping iron and playing upside down keg chugs with power shakes. More people are coming to the realization that the weight loss isn’t necessarily a dumbbells and treadmills battle. One of the most effective yet satisfying ways to lose weight is to eat. Shocker? Wait for it. Working the body may be beneficial, but your body is a self-regulating marvel that you can fine tune for various hacks.

Protein works wonders for fat loss in the body when you are trying to lose weight. The principle is simple. The body uses more energy when metabolizing protein. There’s that shocker. It is important to note that protein is not the same thing as fat. Here are 10 fat burning proteins that should be on your grocery list every time.


Hardly any healthy foods list lacks nuts in it. Packing 26 grams of protein power, these superfoods are immensely important in a diet. You can always mix them up for maximum effect or to conceal the taste. Grab a fist full of mixed nuts and savor the crunchiness.